Our Infused Kitchen show brings great food and THC together for medical or recreational use. The show is hosted by celebrity guest chefs who will share their favorite THC infused techniques and recipes. You will love cooking and baking with celebrity Chefs Gaçonnier, DAT, Rathbun and many more as they prepare mouthwatering, go-to recipes, step-by-step. Expect a few celebrity friends to stop by. When these chefs are cooking, expect a few guests to drop in.

Infused Kitchen – Coming Soon

Join Chef Spencer Gaçonnier and Chef DAT [David Anthony Temple] as they present step-by-step infusion recipes. Learn the science behind infusing food and beverages. Each episode has a new infused THC recipe for you to test at home. Sure you can make your own gummies and brownies, but how about Pine Nut Almond Ice Cream, […]

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